A Transgender's Faith

A stirring and remarkable story about a man who transitioned to a woman and by grace and faith, was restored to his male gender.

In an era of political correctness, this man dares to speak the truth of what happened to him and what churches can and should do with transgenders in their midst.

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This is a very inspirational life story that shows there is always hope and that, no matter how far you’ve gone on the wrong path, it’s never too late to turn back.

Anyone considering sex reassignment surgery should read this book and also Heyer’s other books. It will open your eyes and hopefully stop you from doing some of the mistakes I did.


Walt opens up about his struggles with wanting to live a life as a female and how it affected everyone around him, including his family, business, friends and faith.

This book taught me a lot about the mindset of transgender people and how we may support them as fellow Christians. I really recommend it!


A very interesting read and my sincere kudos to the author for this fine effort!


I could not put it down; few people are this honest about the kind of personal struggles and victories that the author has been through.


I’ve got to give this author high marks for honesty in this cautionary tale of transition and de-transition, leading to more transition and more de-transition. Here is a person who changed gender roles, complete with all the trimmings, and then changed back again, only to continue this revolving door process for years. Along the way, the author drank and did drugs and then stopped drinking, drugging and found God, drank some more, lost God and then finally found Him and sobriety, we hope for good. As one might imagine, while in the process of these constant changes, the author lost his career, his family, and his family jewels.

Nevertheless, this is a well-written memoir about a sad and extremely tortured life, leading to a calamitous decision that eventually rights itself to a happy ending, as the author finds a higher calling and dedicates himself to a power larger than himself.


WALT HEYER has a passion to help others who regret gender change. An accomplished speaker, Walt travels extensively to share his story of redemption at conferences, churches and universities. Walt has appeared on numerous radio and television shows in the U.S. and Canada.

Through his website, SexChangeRegret.com, and his blog, WaltHeyer.com, Walt desires to raise public awareness about the incidence of regret and the tragic consequences suffered by those who regret undergoing gender change.

Walt is a frequent contributor to theFederalist.com and thePublicDiscourse.com. Walt’s other books include Paper Genders and Gender, Lies and Suicide. He has also written a novel based on his life, Kid Dakota and the Secret at Grandma’s House.

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