A Transgender’s Faith tells the remarkable true story of a man plagued since childhood with thoughts and feelings that he should have been a girl. The torment intensifies as he grows up, marries and starts a family, and builds an amazing career.

Desperate, he secretly seeks out a radical treatment, gender reassignment surgery, which promises him relief, but also risks the destruction of all he holds dear. With the same resolute determination that propelled him to success in his career, he relentlessly pursues healing and wholeness, not giving up until he knows without a doubt he is safe in the arms of Jesus.

A Transgender’s Faith courageously challenges political correctness and the gender change activists who say “Transgenders are born that way.”


“…a remarkable story of how God can rebuild a broken life. I was reminded again and again in its pages of the power of God’s grace.”
—Steve Farrar

“Forget political correctness–here is a hard hitting account of the truth about surgical genders. But it is also an incredible story of God’s grace and of the faithfulness of supportive friends. You will be changed by what you read.”
—David Stoop, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and Gold Medallion winning author

“…a true miracle story…about a very personal and powerful struggle… Walt’s story will take you through valleys marked with dark despair and land you on the mountaintop of victory. Walt is a living testimony of God’s amazing grace.”
—Jim Smoke, internationally known Author, Speaker and Life Coach

“Walt’s compelling life story has many invaluable lessons for all of us.  Most importantly, the journey of healing and recovery can require a tenacious commitment to stay the course, and a faithful community providing steadfast love, unyielding support, and an unconditional acceptance of the person in process.  Even with God’s caring intervention, healing can take a lifetime.”
—Jonathan “Sunny” Arnold, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, President and Founder of Christian Counseling Centers, Inc.